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According to an article in today’s edition of The Australian, the Obama administration recommended a “compassionate release” of the man responsible for the murder of 270 innocent people when PanAm flight 103 was bombed over Scotland. Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was convicted of the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Scotland and sentenced to […]

David Wood of Acts17 Apologetics examines the implications of the proposed mosque at Ground Zero and wonders: “Is this something that has been planned for quite some time, given photographs that were passed around the Muslim community post 9-11?”

I like this man. Even though he does not live in the United States, but instead is a British citizen, he seems to have a greater sense of patriotism to the US than many Americans. Those who think we ought to be tolerant and allow the mosque to be built should see how far they […]

In 2008 a prominent Islamic charity was found guilty of funneling money to terrorist organizations. The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development was shut down by the federal government and five of its leaders given prison sentences ( *, *, *, * ). Other Islamic charities have also been shuttered for the same reason. […]

In an article in the December 5, 2009 issue of World Magazine, author Lynn Vincent hits the nail on the head: U.S. analysts, constrained by politics, are loath to conclude and publicize what the facts already show: that jihadist Muslims who state that they kill non-Muslims because their religious ideology demands it are in fact […]

None dare call what happened in Texas by its real name: Sudden Jihad Syndrome. by Ebrahim Ashabi Note: The author of this commentary is a 12-year veteran of the Long Beach Police Department. He was born in Iran as a Shiite Muslim and lived through the Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1978-79 and the Iran – […]

Islamist Perfidy and Western Naivety Which Is More Lethal? by Raymond Ibrahim Pajamas Media November 9, 2009 In a blog entry for Islamist Watch, David J. Rusin shows how the word “jihad” continues to be euphemized in the West. Despite Islamic law’s unequivocal portrayal of it as a military endeavor to empower Islam, jihad […]

Last evening I got into a bit of a discussion on Facebook with someone who had a mutual friend with me. He was decrying all the ‘right-wingers’ who were attempting to label the shooting at Ft. Hood as an act of jihad perpetrated by a lone gunman. His position was that it was not jihad […]