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News regarding Rifqa Bary has been scant these days. For those who do not remember, Rifqa is the young woman who moved to Ohio with her Muslim family from Sri Lanka. When her parents discovered her conversion to Christianity, they allegedly threatened her, whereupon she sought shelter and protection in Florida. But since she was […]

The following is taken from Jamal Jivanjee’s FaceBook wall on which he posted an open letter to the church in Ohio, rebuking it for apathy and disinterest in the plight of Rifqa Bary. Well worth the read. AN OPEN LETTER OF REBUKE TO THE CHURCH IN CENTRAL OHIO‚Ķ(Please read and do not delay for your […]

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch is interviewed by an acquaintance of mine, Nabeel Qureshi who, along with David Wood, comprise the Acts17 Apologetics Ministry. I was with David and Nabeel this past summer in Dearborn when the now infamous Shari’a in America video was made, which now has over 1.6 million hits on YouTube. Note […]

A rally for Rifqa Bary took place as scheduled in Columbus, Ohio on Monday November 16, but the court hearing for Rifqa did not take place as scheduled. Instead, her next hearing has been postponed until December 22. No explanation has been given by the court system for the delay. In fact, no information of […]

Today is the scheduled hearing in Ohio for young Rifqa Bary to determine her final status: if she will be returned to her parents, allowed to remain with foster parents until she turns 18, or possibly another arrangement. If you have not been following her story, here is a quick recap. Four years ago, Rifqa […]