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It is no secret that an irrefutable link exists between lung cancer and cigarette smoking. Empirical studies supporting the link were published beginning 50 years ago. In 1964 the Surgeon General of the United States wrote a report about the dangers of cigarette smoking, and in 1965 Congress passed a law requiring every pack of […]

by Patrick Poole Pajamas Media September 11, 2011 Original posted here. When President Obama hosted his annual iftar dinner in August to commemorate Ramadan, the list of invitees published by the White House was curiously missing the names of several attendees — all of whom are top leaders of organizations known to be purveyors of jihadist ideology. But it […]

[Tawfik Hamid is a moderate, reformist Muslim who is one of a few lone voices attempting to bring Islam into the 21st century. He sent the following email.] Fighting Islam with Islam by Tawfik Hamid Unbiased observation of the Islamism phenomenon reveals beyond doubt that barbaric acts and discrimination against non-Muslim minorities are repeatedly practiced […]

Steven Emerson, highly respected expert on Islamic terrorism (I’m not afraid to use those words, unlike our Commander in Chief) has developed an interactive map of the United States. The map has markers to show where investigations into active terrorist activities are taking place. You might be interested to see what is happening in your […]

The following article appeared on the opinion page of the Washington Post, Sunday August 8, 2010. I will let the author’s words speak for her. The author is a Muslim woman from Iran, now living in the U.S. A Muslim victim of 9/11: ‘Build your mosque somewhere else’ By Neda Bolourchi I have no grave […]

From Islamist Watch by David J. Rusin In a saner world, the terrorist ties and Islamist agenda of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) would render it politically untouchable, with candidates for office shunning the organization and chastising those rare opponents who back it. Controversies from two ongoing election campaigns offer provocative hints that such a […]

In 2008 a prominent Islamic charity was found guilty of funneling money to terrorist organizations. The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development was shut down by the federal government and five of its leaders given prison sentences ( *, *, *, * ). Other Islamic charities have also been shuttered for the same reason. […]

by Cinnamon Stillwell American Thinker November 15, 2009 Reposted from the Middle East Forum In the wake of the horrific attack at the Fort Hood military base in Texas earlier this month, and the mounting evidence that the shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, was motivated by Islamist beliefs, the media has turned to Middle East […]

by Raymond Ibrahim Pajamas Media November 18, 2009 Posted in the Middle East Forum One of the difficulties in discussing Islam’s more troubling doctrines is that they have an anachronistic, even otherworldly, feel to them; that is, unless actively and openly upheld by Muslims, non-Muslims, particularly of the Western variety, tend to see them as […]

If you have not yet purchased this book, you should do so. A six month undercover operation that penetrated deep into the heart of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) discovered that this organization, which bills itself as a civil rights group for all Muslims, is anything but. The thousands of documents smuggled out of […]