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You ask me to speak, this time. You ask me to break at least this once the silence I’ve chosen, that I’ve imposed on myself these many years to avoid mingling with chattering insects. And I’m going to. Because I’ve heard that in Italy too there are some who rejoice just as the Palestinians of […]

I recently had an opportunity to speak at a church in the midwest. I had spoken at the church previously and had become Facebook friends with the pastor. About a month before my time there this pastor posted on Facebook that his 17-year old daughter had run away from home with another young man. He […]

I am the oldest of four male siblings. As I was cleaning up after dinner tonight I was pondering the fact that I haven’t heard from my next youngest brother in eight years. Donald cut off all communication with me eight years ago. At first I was stumped why. But then my mother said he […]

I’ve done this a few times over the past several years. Took a break from Facebook for a period of time, but each time I found myself eventually working my way back. I have to admit, the platform is a wonderful way to stay in touch with friends from a distance. I have friends scattered […]

This is a review you will never see posted on the home page for the website of Heartland RV of Elkhart, Indiana. If you go to their page, you will see glowing reviews scrolling along the right hand side of their main page. This is not one of those. This review is intended to be […]

Dear USAA: Your members need to know you do not have their best interests in mind. You do not attempt to keep your rates low. On the contrary, you do everything you can to make sure you pay more than is necessary to settle a claim, thereby driving up the rates you charge for your […]

It was fifteen years ago, almost to the minute as I write this. I was nearly to work, just after 6am California time. I left early, as I did in those days, to beat traffic. My wife called me on my cell to tell me a plane had just crashed into one of the two […]

I am continually aware of and hear about Christian pastors who cross the line of “interfaith” dialog with Muslims. They believe Muslims and Christians worship the same God (they do not). They believe we are taught by Jesus to reach out in love and accept everyone (yes, but…). And in opening up their churches to […]

I’ve had this blog for several years and only posted to it occasionally, as you can see. But this will now become my main primary vehicle for informing friends of my goings on personally and my discoveries of news around the world, particularly regarding Islam and its encroachment on every facet of society. I gave […]

Since a lot is stirring in Jerusalem, I wanted to drop a quick note to my friends to inform them of something which they may not be aware of. Please pay attention: this information will help you defeat the propaganda of Jerusalem also belonging to Muslims and Islam. Earlier this year I took a tour […]