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It’s one of the most under reported stories of the Obama administration. I wrote about it back in 2010 as it was happening. I tried to get the attention of others: ACT for America, Congresswoman Sue Myrick, and others. One media outlet eventually covered it, but the major alphabet soup outlets turned a blind eye, […]

By Raymond Ibrahim. Originally posted in the Middle East Forum here. Earlier this month in the¬†West Bank, “settlers attempted to burn two mosques, and vandalized an IDF base as part of the latest ‘price tag’ attacks. The attacks came in response to the demolition of three buildings earlier this week in the West Bank settlement […]

Hugh Fitzgerald at Jihad Watch today posted an excellent analysis of President Obama’s iftar speech delivered Friday August 13 at the White House. To whet your appetite, here are the opening few paragraphs. The entire article is well worth the read for an understanding of how our administration, and the major media outlets, are determined […]

Four days ago, on August 13, 2010, President Obama hosted an iftar dinner at the White House as other past Presidents have done. After some time of digesting his speech, I have just a few simple comments that I feel the need to share. For the full text of his speech, see this article at […]

The Washington Times called President Obama on the carpet for his revisionist view of American History. Thank you Washington Times.

As I reported here last month, the Obama administration illegally gave US dollars to Kenya to influence the adoption of a new national constitution: one that not only allows abortion for the first time in Kenya, but sets up Shari’a law to be funded with federal taxpayer funds. The new constitution also curiously removes from […]

This morning I was notified by a friend of a radio interview with the host of Worldview Radio, Brannon Howse. Brannon interviewed Usama Dakdok, founder of The Straight Way of Grace Ministry. As I listened to Usama, my first impression was ‘this is what I have been saying all along. Finally, someone else is echoing […]

According to an article in today’s edition of The Australian, the Obama administration recommended a “compassionate release” of the man responsible for the murder of 270 innocent people when PanAm flight 103 was bombed over Scotland. Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was convicted of the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Scotland and sentenced to […]

This is going to be a controversial article. I already admit this. However, this story must be exposed. I have contacted several influential organizations in an attempt to get some traction in the media on this issue and my efforts have been for naught thus far. I gave ACT! for America first shot. I heard […]

Here we go again! Obama, like a toothless tiger, is warning Iran to come clean on its nuclear program soon, or else! And once again Iranian leadership will ignore the toothless tiger and keep doing what it’s been doing: developing nuclear technology for military use. And once again we will press for meaningless sanctions in […]