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Someone recently brought to my attention that a religious organization called the Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (ostensibly a Christian organization) has published and is heavily promoting a small group study titled “My Neighbor is Muslim.” The study guide purports to help Lutherans understand their Muslim neighbors so as to build bridges with them, clear […]

Today is a good time to remind ourselves of the freedom we fought for and won from an over-reaching government “across the pond.” I fear posting this may get me on a government watch list, but alas, I’m probably on one or more such lists anyway. It is also not much of a stretch to […]

Last week a historical documentary on the early years of Islam was released in the UK and shown on television there. In the immediate aftermath of the video, both the television station which aired it and the production company received over 1,200 complaints from Muslims. As a result, scheduled future screenings of this video have […]