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My wife and I just returned from another road trip. As we do several times a year, we set out with our fifth wheel and speak at churches in a section of the US, going from one church to another over a period of several weeks. My sermons generally focus on Islam and the Christian […]

What has happened to the church? Have Christians lost their first love? Have we collectively become the church of Laodicea that Jesus will vomit out of his mouth? Not a positive way to begin a blog post, right? I’ve been accused of being too negative. I’ll admit, I’m a natural born pessimist. But let’s be […]

On Friday, November 14, 2014 an historic event took place in Washington, D.C. The event received ample coverage by media and government bodies. Some hail it as a step forward in religious relations between two Abrahamic faiths. I see it as another task for the Muslim Brotherhood to check off, mark as complete, in their […]

An article recently appeared in an Israeli news source concerning the pope’s new found pact with Islam. This article noted that “In 2008, the Vatican promoted “Love of God, Love of Neighbor,” the first three-day forum with Islamic leaders.” Love of God and love of neighbor are the central themes around which 138 Islamic scholars wrote a […]

by Raymond Ibrahim The now infamous Koran burning by Florida pastor Terry Jones has created hysteria in the Muslim world. In Afghanistan alone, some twenty people, including U.N. workers, have been killed and beheaded to screams of “Allahu Akbar!” Western leaders around the globe—including Obama and members of Congress—have unequivocally condemned Jones’ actions (without bothering […]

by Raymond Ibrahim Last week an Iraqi Muslim scholar issued a fatwa that, among other barbarities, asserts that “it is permissible to spill the blood of Iraqi Christians.” Inciting as the fatwa is, it is also redundant. While last October’s Baghdad church attack which killed some sixty Christians is widely known—actually receiving some MSM coverage—the fact is, […]

by David J. Rusin  •  Sep 24, 2010 at 10:27 am Does the First Amendment protect Christians who bring their message to Muslims at public events or in front of mosques? This is a good question, given the trend of missionaries being placed under arrest while proselytizing to followers of Islam — right here […]

In a story released this week, over 70 prominent Christian leaders linked up to openly condemn any and all who dare question President Obama’s claims to be a Christian. Signatories include the likes of emergent church leader Brian McLaren, Bishop T. D. Jakes of Potters House, Jim Wallis of Sojourners, and the Reverend Peg Chemberlin, […]

When I first heard about this, my initial thought was, “This cannot be serious. Surely it must be a cruel and insensitive joke.” But then I read the story at The Christian Post, and verified it by going to the website of the so-called “church.” To my horror, they are serious. I cannot begin to […]

The Northeast Intelligence Network recently released an extensive investigative report on the behind-the-scenes events surrounding the Cordoba House Islamic Center, otherwise known as the Ground Zero Mosque, just a few hundred feet from where 19 Islamic jihadi warriors brought down the World Trade Center towers. In this must-read report you will gain insight and learn […]