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A year ago this week I was one of several speakers at a terrorism conference hosted by Christian Reporter News, founded by Kat Rowoldt. Security was very tight and access was strictly controlled. And unbeknownst to any, a reporter for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) found his way through the doors. Despite its name, […]

I am continually aware of and hear about Christian pastors who cross the line of “interfaith” dialog with Muslims. They believe Muslims and Christians worship the same God (they do not). They believe we are taught by Jesus to reach out in love and accept everyone (yes, but…). And in opening up their churches to […]

Someone recently brought to my attention that a religious organization called the Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (ostensibly a Christian organization) has published and is heavily promoting a small group study titled “My Neighbor is Muslim.” The study guide purports to help Lutherans understand their Muslim neighbors so as to build bridges with them, clear […]

Today is a good time to remind ourselves of the freedom we fought for and won from an over-reaching government “across the pond.” I fear posting this may get me on a government watch list, but alas, I’m probably on one or more such lists anyway. It is also not much of a stretch to […]

It’s one of the most under reported stories of the Obama administration. I wrote about it back in 2010 as it was happening. I tried to get the attention of others: ACT for America, Congresswoman Sue Myrick, and others. One media outlet eventually covered it, but the major alphabet soup outlets turned a blind eye, […]

Women are under attack in the United States. At least that’s the conclusion one would reach when listening to Sandra Fluke, the newest sweetheart of the American left. Fluke made her debut on the American scene earlier this year when she testified before Congress to ask that the public treasury pay for her contraception so […]

Reposted from Front Page Magazine, by Eric Bell. [Editor’s note: The article below is written by Eric Allen Bell, a filmmaker who was recently banned from blogging at  the “Daily Kos” because he wrote three articles that ran afoul of the mindset there, specifically naming “” as a “terrorist spin control network.” Frontpage invited him to […]

Several churches in northern Nigeria were bombed December 25, in what has been describedas “Nigeria’s blackest Christmas ever.” The attacks, perpetrated by the Muslim militant group Boko Haram, killed at least 39 people, “the majority dying on the steps of a Catholic church [in Madalla near the capital of Abuja] after celebrating Christmas Mass as blood pooled in […]

The so-called “Arab Spring” continues to transition into a “Christian Winter,” including in those nations undergoing democratic change, such as Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis dominated the elections—unsurprisingly so, considering the Obama administration has actually been training Islamists for elections. Arab regimes not overthrown by the “Arab Spring” are under mounting international pressure; […]

It is no secret that an irrefutable link exists between lung cancer and cigarette smoking. Empirical studies supporting the link were published beginning 50 years ago. In 1964 the Surgeon General of the United States wrote a report about the dangers of cigarette smoking, and in 1965 Congress passed a law requiring every pack of […]