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You ask me to speak, this time. You ask me to break at least this once the silence I’ve chosen, that I’ve imposed on myself these many years to avoid mingling with chattering insects. And I’m going to. Because I’ve heard that in Italy too there are some who rejoice just as the Palestinians of […]

Thursday evening, February 23, 2017, something happened that I thought I would never see. ACT! for America capitulated to the demands of CAIR and in the process relieved a good friend and patriot as chapter leader of the ACT chapter in San Antonio. The details follow. I must say I am deeply disappointed in the […]

This is a review you will never see posted on the home page for the website of Heartland RV of Elkhart, Indiana. If you go to their page, you will see glowing reviews scrolling along the right hand side of their main page. This is not one of those. This review is intended to be […]

Tomorrow is election day. The masses will begin flocking to polling stations at 7am local time. Many states have reported record numbers voting already. In my home state of Texas, which has early voting for two weeks prior to an election, records have been broken. Most counties report unprecedented numbers turned out for early voting. This […]

My wife and I just returned from another road trip. As we do several times a year, we set out with our fifth wheel and speak at churches in a section of the US, going from one church to another over a period of several weeks. My sermons generally focus on Islam and the Christian […]

Dear USAA: Your members need to know you do not have their best interests in mind. You do not attempt to keep your rates low. On the contrary, you do everything you can to make sure you pay more than is necessary to settle a claim, thereby driving up the rates you charge for your […]

Next month I intend to vote my conscience. And my principles. And as of this moment, I still have no idea which candidate will garner my vote, if any of them will. I may simply choose to not vote, and I am well within my rights to do so. You see, neither of the two […]

Social media and the loss of common courtesy and respect I have noticed and personally witnessed a disturbing trend: the loss of courtesy and respect among many users of social media. And it’s a very troubling trend. Social media provides a layer of anonymity somewhat, in that even friends you may know personally (as opposed […]

It was fifteen years ago, almost to the minute as I write this. I was nearly to work, just after 6am California time. I left early, as I did in those days, to beat traffic. My wife called me on my cell to tell me a plane had just crashed into one of the two […]

What has happened to the church? Have Christians lost their first love? Have we collectively become the church of Laodicea that Jesus will vomit out of his mouth? Not a positive way to begin a blog post, right? I’ve been accused of being too negative. I’ll admit, I’m a natural born pessimist. But let’s be […]