This is the blog of Joe Carey: follower of Jesus Christ, Christian apologist, instructor, minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, right-wing, gun owner, father of five, grandfather of two, heterosexual, monogamous, and opinionated. Any questions?


Born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a Navy father. Moved every three years during my formative years, so never really established many friendships. Took an interest in electronics in Jr. High School, began my career working at a TV repair shop during high school.

Have a wife of 25 years. Five children: three girls and two boys.

Had a 28 year career with Southern California Edison until it became clear to me three years ago that my calling was in full-time ministry. Ordained as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, founder of a ministry called Radical Truth, and busier now than when I was working in the corporate world. But I’ll never look back; there’s too much work to do. I don’t have time for the corporate rat race any more.

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One response to “About”

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  1. Stephen says:

    I watched some of the prgaorm while I was cleaning my .357 (my ccw). I’ve got a message for hezbollah. I went to the gun shop the other day and he had a 500 magnum smiff n’wesson in the case. The guy there got a kick out of me calling it the hezbollah exterminator. There ain’t no place I could carry that freekin thing concealed:-) In all seriousness though, I ask how can anyone keep their heads buried so deep? The answer is that those same politicos that deny there is a threat from from radical Islam in this country all have personal bodyguards that surround them and carry M-4’s and MP-5’s and ride around in armored vehicles so their not too worried about it for themselves. As much as you don’t want to think that Americans want other Americans to die so they can seize political power that’s exactly what is going on. The dems would like nothing more than a strike right now so they can say see, Bush isn’t taking care of businness here at home because he’s paying too much attention to a war that shouldn’t be happening so we’ll protect you and we’ll end the war if you elect us. Then after Hillary gets elected she comes up with new restrictions on private ownership of firearms so it makes it harder for the individual to protect themselves from these vicious attacks from radical Islamists. We’d be right back where we were in the bad old days when Clinton first took office in 93. The government crack down on freedoms would be for real, not like those that the left whines about now that go after the criminals and terrorists. They would crack down on freedoms that would affect the average Jane and Joe.