What the media is missing in the Sutherland Springs story

This past Sunday, Devin Kelley gunned down 26 members of the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas and injured 20 more. Sutherland Springs is a small town, the church was a centerpiece, and the number killed and injured represented nearly half the members.

The media has been covering the story in all the major outlets, with the expected calls for “more and tougher gun control laws.” But the media is overlooking something significant here, because of their ignorance of Texas gun laws. Follow me here. Media pundits are asking, “Why, in a state known for liberal gun laws, were the guns of the parishioners in their vehicles? Why was nobody in the congregation armed?

Here is what you need to know.

Texas allows any citizen able to possess a gun legally to carry that gun fully loaded and concealed inside a vehicle. No concealed carry permit is required to carry a loaded, concealed gun in a car.

Only three percent of citizens in Texas have a License to Carry (LTC). And about one percent actually carry regularly. These figures run counter to the common narrative that every one in Texas is armed.

When Devin Kelley burst into First Baptist of Sutherland Springs, nobody in the congregation was carrying a weapon. The media has noted that many members had guns in their vehicles in the parking lot, but none was carrying inside the building. But they are left wondering why.

The answer is simple. The church members were abiding by the laws. They left their guns in the cars because the guns were legal there, even though they were loaded. They did not carry the loaded guns into the church because none had an LTC. In other words, they abided by existing laws and left their loaded weapons in their vehicles. They abided by the laws and became defenseless sitting ducks.

And Devin Kelley, who was denied an LTC because of his background, carried a loaded weapon into the church illegally, and killed and wounded dozens.

The left wing media is clamoring for more laws to stop future carnage like this.

To CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, and all the liberal propaganda outlets, please tell me how more laws will prevent this from reoccurring? Once again, law abiding gun owners abided by existing laws and were left defenseless at the hands of someone who ignored all laws to commit murder.

And someone bent on murder certainly has no qualm about breaking a minor firearms offense.

But the left wing media will never understand, because facts and logic are foreign concepts to them. They think and act on emotion rather than intellect, and that’s always a recipe for disaster.

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