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I recently had an opportunity to speak at a church in the midwest. I had spoken at the church previously and had become Facebook friends with the pastor. About a month before my time there this pastor posted on Facebook that his 17-year old daughter had run away from home with another young man. He […]

This past Sunday, Devin Kelley gunned down 26 members of the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas and injured 20 more. Sutherland Springs is a small town, the church was a centerpiece, and the number killed and injured represented nearly half the members. The media has been covering the story in all the major […]

I am the oldest of four male siblings. As I was cleaning up after dinner tonight I was pondering the fact that I haven’t heard from my next youngest brother in eight years. Donald cut off all communication with me eight years ago. At first I was stumped why. But then my mother said he […]