ACT for America caves to CAIR

Thursday evening, February 23, 2017, something happened that I thought I would never see. ACT! for America capitulated to the demands of CAIR and in the process relieved a good friend and patriot as chapter leader of the ACT chapter in San Antonio. The details follow. I must say I am deeply disappointed in the actions of national ACT leadership and now wonder if they really are who they have been claiming to be all along.

Brigitte Gabriel (pseudonym), the founder of ACT For America is a frequent guest on Fox News and promotes herself as a national security expert. She has written two books on the dangers of radical Islam. The organization’s web page says  “ACT for America stands ready to take effective action as the only national security grassroots organization in America.” Their mission statement as it reads on Guidestar says “We aim to establish a means for all American citizens to provide a collective voice (I) for the democratic values of western civilization and (II) against the threats to our national security.”

But with this new development, one has to wonder. Has all the talk of taking a firm stand against Islam simply been that: talk? Have they lost their conviction recently after having once been a voice against Islamic aggression in our society? If so, what happened? More importantly, what are those who once supported ACT financially now to do?


Over the last couple weeks, Lt. Col (ret) Roy White sent out a series of short newsletters to his ACT chapter members in San Antonio announcing the topic of the next meeting. An attorney whom I also know, Karen Lugo, constitutional expert and and author, was to present information based on her research on construction of new mosques in the USA. Roy’s letter exhorted chapter members to learn how to “push back” with city authorities on the mosque permitting process. NOTE: At no time did Roy ever suggest the meeting was to learn how to stop construction of mosques altogether. That meeting took place Thursday night, February 23. I was in attendance.

Prior to the meeting, Roy was contacted by ACT National HQ and advised to cancel the meeting. Their reason will be apparent shortly in a letter I will share from J. Craig, ACT National Director of Field Operations.


Thursday evening 2/23 Karen Lugo made a presentation to the San Antonio chapter. Karen is the author of a new book “Mosques in America: A Guide to Accountable Permit Hearings and Continuing Citizen Oversight” and an expert on the subject. The presentation was video recorded for archival purposes. Karen spoke about the permitting process for new mosque construction projects and how citizens can become involved in giving proper oversight to the process with the planning commission in each city. She spoke about how some mosques have caused problems for the neighborhoods within which they are located. A lack of adequate parking spaces for congregants results in mosque attendees crowding residential neighborhood roads with parked vehicles, sometimes for blocks. She spoke about the traffic nightmares of hundreds of cars flooding a residential neighborhood every Friday afternoon with little regard for traffic control, and even those mosques which seemed interested in mitigating traffic were using untrained personnel for traffic control. Karen simply advised citizen activists to monitor the permit process to ensure mosques were not given a pass or exemption from meeting the requirements that would be incumbent on any other similar construction project. At NO TIME did Karen suggest citizens should seek ways to shut down mosque applications altogether. In fact, she explicitly said such an action would be unconstitutional, and make it clear that was not the intent of her presentation at all.


Some time prior to the meeting, the San Antonio chapter of the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) caught wind of the meeting and its topic. CAIR went into full press mode like they always do. They contacted various media outlets. They contacted city officials. They contacted “interfaith partners” and other sympathetic organizations. They issued a press release. They organized a protest of the meeting, for which I posted a handful of pictures with commentary. The local media covered the event with a story and video.

Noteworthy is the following statement in CAIR’s press release: “The ACT for America event features a speaker who will outline how to “push back” against the constitutionally-protected construction of mosques in Texas and around the nation. The mission statement of the San Antonio chapter of the ACT for America hate group states: “Islamic ideology if implemented partially or fully denies US citizens their individual rights granted by God and guaranteed in the American Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

Yes, Islamic ideology, if implemented, does indeed deny citizens of their rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Islamic sharia is fully incompatible with our Constitution. But for CAIR to suggest the meeting was somehow in opposition to Muslims’ “constitutionally-protected construction of mosques in Texas and around the nation” is an over exaggeration of what took place at the meeting. Nevertheless, ACT National HQ latched on to CAIR’s threat of a potential violation of the Constitution, and asked Roy to cancel the meeting. Being the man of integrity he is, a combat veteran who has faced real fear, and a patriot, Roy knew he was well within his Constitutional rights to discuss the topic without violating any laws. The meeting went forward as planned.


The past two days have been a flurry of activity. Roy was notified by ACT National at the end of the meeting Thursday that he had been relieved of his position as San Antonio chapter leader, for making CAIR angry (my words).

Friday evening, J Craig, Director of Field Operations for ACT National, sent the following letter to San Antonio Chapter members. Note closely what he says about the Constitutional rights of Muslims to construct mosques, and tell me if it isn’t close to the same wording used by CAIR in their threatening press release.

Dear Joe,

This week, we had to make a very difficult decision. We had to let go one of our best chapter leaders, Lt. Col. (ret) Roy White.

The reason we were forced to let Lt. Col. White go was because he advertised on the Internet a chapter meeting to learn how to “shut down mosques.”

We have worked with attorney Karen Lugo, a great patriot, for years, so that our membership is fully educated about all aspects of the threat, including mosques, and we hope to continue working with her in the future. But never once have we posted our work on the Internet, nor offered an open invitation for the public to come learn how one can legally shut down mosques.

Even in the midst of what we are doing, we must remember our Constitution, which Lt. Col. White, proudly fought to defend, includes the freedom to worship at a place of one’s choosing.

Unfortunately, Lt. Col. White’s actions including his refusal to cancel this meeting when advised to do so, gave us no choice but to let him go for legal and public reasons.

This is not to be mistaken as cow-towing to CAIR. It is to protect us legally. We cannot be in a position of having to fight legal battles on the constitutionality of building a mosque – a right guaranteed by the first amendment.

In addition, we focus on national security and the defense of our country including fighting Islamofacism which we believe is the greatest threat to Western civilization today.

We have a lot of important work to do and we must be wise and strategic in the way we message.

For those of you who believe in the bible, it says: “Be as kind as doves but as wise as serpents”. Now more than ever we have to exercise wisdom in the way we communicate and mobilize our nation to come together and learn about the Islamic ideology, the Koran in which it is based, and the call for violence against us infidels in the name of their Jihad.

We are currently processing 92 chapter leader applications this week alone. These 92 people did not sign up to shut down houses of worship in America. They support issues and legislation to make our country safer and more secure such as refugee resettlement and designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization just to mention a few.

ACT for America led by Brigitte Gabriel will never waiver or shy away from the truth. As a matter of fact we are doubling down on our fight.

Tonight, you may watch the Sean Hannity special on Fox News where Brigitte debates Imams defending President Trump’s ban calling it a fight between civilizations and getting into a heated debate about calling it by its accurate name “Islamic Terrorism”. The special was recorded last week and will air tonight. Brigitte Gabriel is currently out of the country.

We look forward to continue working with you and the new chapter leader who will pick up the leadership role from Lt. Col. White. Your ACT San Antonio Chapter has done great things and continue to do so. Together, we rise in defense of our country and the values which made it exceptional.

If you’d like to take over the reigns as the ACT San Antonio Chapter Leader, please send me an email to

For Freedom,

J Craig | Director of Field Operations
ACT for America

Again, for the record, Roy at no point ever suggest the meeting was to learn how to “shut down mosques” as Mr. Craig suggests. This is a blatant lie, and slander of a good man. I would challenge ACT National to produce one email, one comment, where such a statement was made. They cannot. The only place where one can find the term “shut down mosques” is in the CAIR press release. It appears ACT latched on to that comment and used it release one of their most active chapter leaders. ACT capitulated to CAIR. Period.

Some of us responded to Mr. Craig’s invitation to share our thoughts with him. I will share two: my personal response and that of another good friend Mike Ramirez, Roy’s chapter co-leader. Mike gave me permission to share his letter.

I wrote to Mr. Craig the following:

Hi J Craig,

I’m writing to let you know I’m ashamed of ACT! For America for letting go of Roy White. This is nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction made in the absence of all the facts. You will regret your decision and I strongly urge you to reconsider.

I’ve known Roy for several years. He is a patriot and has worked tirelessly for ACT! For America, as well as several other non-profits. Most of the work he’s done for ACT has been at his own personal expense, which is not insignificant.

I was at the meeting last night, the subject of your email. Let me assure you, it WAS NOT about shutting down mosques. As I have diligently worked to inform my social network circles today, Karen Lugo, someone else I’ve also known for years and a constitutional attorney and author of a new book on mosques, simply exhorted the community to become involved with local planning commissions to ensure cities require new mosque construction projects to comply with all requirements any other similar project would be required to abide by, such as # of parking spaces for estimated attendance, traffic control and flow mitigation, etc. The reality is many such projects have actually been given the green light before meeting all requirements, because Islam seems to get a pass when others do not. Karen at no time suggested we should take a stand against any and all mosque construction; in fact she stated clearly that was not the intent.

Roy’s email simply said to learn how to ‘push back’ regarding mosque building plans. If you remember Murfreesboro, Tennessee, that mosque received many favors from the planning commission. This happens frequently. It is not wrong to ‘push back’ and require cities to hold mosques accountable to meet ALL requirements of such a project.

ACT! For America has lost it’s backbone. Your decision, regardless of what you said in your email, was capitulation to CAIR, who organized a media-backed protest of the meeting.

Shame on ACT.

Joe Carey
Radical Truth

Mike Ramirez, Roy’s chapter co-leader wrote the following to Mr. Craig:

To: J Craig & ACT for America, National Headquarters:
Re: Lt. Col. Roy White
From: Mike Ramirez

It is with disbelief, deep regret and major disappointment to be advised by your office that you have dismissed Lt. Col. Roy White from leadership of the San Antonio Chapter of Act for America; the chapter that he personally took interest in and established in our area of Texas.

In my opinion, I believe that your hasty decision to not allow a cooling-off period in order to investigate the facts prior to your last-minute mandate to have him cancel the ACT meeting of February 23, 2017 was a major blunder on your part. It appears that you based your decision on pressure from outside sources and, yes, you did cave in to that pressure, whether by CAIR or elsewhere.

It is apparent that you have succumbed to the very ideology and threats from CAIR that you claim to be countering and in my view have totally discredited your organization through a spineless and knee-jerk reaction because you “feared” legal recourse due to a misunderstanding and misinterpretation of what the February 23rd presentation was going to be about. Something that could have been legally corrected and remedied with the proper handling in the matter.

Perhaps you are not aware that Lt. Col. White personally invested over $7,000.00 of his personal funds recently in helping advance the cause of what ACT for America headquarters claims to be doing. This is in addition to the many tireless hours and financial investment that he has given to print literature, color brochures and where he has worked with your organization to distribute your material throughout the country in helping organize and support other ACT for America Chapters.

I was personally involved in assisting Lt. Col. Roy White when he first started the San Antonio Chapter and saw first-hand the fervor and intense dedication and belief that he had in ACT for America throughout the years. It is, therefore, with deep regret that I too will be withdrawing from the San Antonio, Texas ACT for America organization as his co-leader and will find another active group that does not swiftly act to throw a dedicated patriot under the bus as I feel that you have done to Lt. Col. Roy White.

Please enter this correspondence as part of your organizational and legal files and I respectfully request that this letter also be personally shown to Ms. Brigitte Gabriel, founder and president of ACT for America.

Thank you,

Mike Ramirez
San Antonio, TX 78217

This afternoon, Roy White made the following announcement to his chapter members:

Dear ACT San Antonio Members,

I know many of you have received an email from Mr. J Craig, Director of Field Operations for ACT for America. I can confirm that I was removed as Chapter Leader of the San Antonio ACT for America Chapter on Thursday evening, February 23 via email during our monthly meeting for my failure to follow his directive to cancel the meeting.

For those concerned for my health, I’m fine and actually feel very unburdened by the recent developments. Many of you have called and emailed voicing your support…it is greatly appreciated and very humbling.

I am preparing a lengthy reply that will include the video of the event for those of you who weren’t there to judge for yourself if the cancellation order was merited or not.

I will also include all emails and communications between ACT National and myself for you to assess the inconsistencies in Mr. Craig’s varying positions on why they wished to cancel the meeting.

Until then, I’m asking that anyone who may have attended the briefing and received an email from ACT National about my removal to please send your own views and observations about the evening and my removal to the following persons:

Brigitte Gabriel ************
J Craig *****
Kerry French *******
Stephanie Reis ********

If you would “cc” me if you choose to write to any or all of them at I would greatly appreciate it.

If you are interested in taking over as the San Antonio ACT for America Chapter Leader, I will be happy to meet with anyone and pass along any information you may need.

For any others, I will continue to meet and you are welcome to join me. Look for an announcement on that but a full explanation will be forthcoming shortly.

It is sad day when volunteers for an organization are punished by those who they believed in and have been loyal supporters for many years.

Like many non-profits, overtime they can begin to be more concerned about the power, influence, money and taking a safer road that minimizes the risks of losing any of these elements of power.

I have stopped contributing to ACT for America.

You need to make your own decision. There are several secular and religious groups that are fighting the battle against the ideology of Islam. I will be providing more information on these groups in the near future for those who are looking for financial outlets.

I apologize for this interruption but will be back to you in a few days with more clarity and information.

Lt Col (ret) Roy White,
San Antonio

NOTE: I’ve hidden the emails to ACT in Roy’s letter since he asked only those who attended to contact ACT National.

My friends, what you choose to do with this information is entirely your business. As for me, ACT has lost their vision, has become weak, will not stand up to bullying by Muslim organizations, and no longer deserves my support.

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  1. Maria Cable says:

    Thank you for looking out for us!
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