Election eve, 2016

Tomorrow is election day. The masses will begin flocking to polling stations at 7am local time. Many states have reported record numbers voting already. In my home state of Texas, which has early voting for two weeks prior to an election, records have been broken. Most counties report unprecedented numbers turned out for early voting. This seems to be the election that has stirred the populace into action. Folks who in the past have simply not bothered to vote are this time expressing their desire at the voting booth. And that is probably a good thing.

But regardless who wins, I will not be celebrating Wednesday morning after the election.

This election has been the most divisive of any election in my 60 years on planet earth. Republican against Democrat. Democrat against Republican. Republican against Republican. Democrat against Democrat. Christian against Christian. Christian against non-Christian.

I am truly heartbroken and dismayed that so many who identify as ‘Christian’ engaged in hateful rhetoric against other fellow Christians who simply stood by their convictions. One would think standing on principles and conviction would be celebrated among fellow believers. But many believers, more than I care to even imagine, abandoned this concept for the sake of political expediency, to badger or attempt to shame others into voting “their way” and if you didn’t, you’re not a patriot nor a true Christian. Since when has one’s faith and salvation hinged on whom one votes for in an election? To listen to some believers, that’s the new measuring rod for salvation!

Nor can I celebrate the election of either of the two candidates likely to win. One is pure evil. She has only her personal best interests in mind, not the best interests of the nation. She has low regard for the average American citizen and sees herself as superior in every way. She wants to instill Marxist ideology on the American political system. She wants to shred our Constitution, disarm citizens, trash the fourth amendment guarantee of illegal search, trash the tenth amendment of state’s rights and federalize every branch of local government. She wants total and complete power over every citizen, dictating what they can do and when they can do it.

The other is not quite as bad, but still cause for deep concern. His past is highly checkered. He has been an advocate and financial supporter of liberal ideas and programs. He brags about using power to squash those who get in the way of what he wants to do. His moral character is abhorrent. He revels in owning strip joints where women are exploited. He celebrates helping others part with their money through the many casinos he owns. He lied about, smeared, belittled, and verbally abused his chief rival during the primaries, and was applauded by Christians for doing so. He has a foul mouth. He has a foul character. He lacks integrity. And that bothers me. Just like his opponent in the election, he has his own personal interests foremost in mind. That was demonstrated clearly with his actions during the primaries.

I’ve heard many well-meaning Christians say “But we’re electing a Commander-In-Chief, not a Pastor-In-Chief.” Again, I am dismayed at how many are choosing to set aside moral virtue for political expediency. Yes, we’re not electing a Pastor but a President. But character matters. Integrity matters. Morality matters. These character attributes, or lack thereof, will factor in highly in any decision he might make as President, should he be elected. If you choose to set aside integrity, morality, and good character now to get him elected, do not act surprised when he makes decisions that will affect your future when such decisions display a lack of morality and integrity.

I am tired and done with being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. If we continue to settle for less than the best, if we continue to accept mediocrity, we will continue to be offered mediocrity in the future. If you don’t demand the best the party has to offer, you will never get it. I cannot settle for mediocrity any longer. I cannot settle for a candidate who lacks a moral compass, as both candidates do.

I demand better. I want a leader who honors God. Because a leader who honors God in his personal life will honor God in the decisions he makes for the nation.

I don’t see that in either candidate. I cannot celebrate.

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