My Facebook Replacement

facebook-icon-logo-vectorI’ve had this blog for several years and only posted to it occasionally, as you can see. But this will now become my main primary vehicle for informing friends of my goings on personally and my discoveries of news around the world, particularly regarding Islam and its encroachment on every facet of society.

I gave up on Facebook for a number of reasons:

  1. Facebook is increasingly becoming hostile to the sort of news I post frequently. Censors scour user pages and delete many posts that run counter to the government narrative, especially with those of us who do not believe Islam to be a religion of peace and believe ISIS is following the orthodox tenets of Islam.
  2. I am becoming increasingly dismayed at the lack of courtesy and respect shown by others on Facebook. It seems we have lost the ability to disagree agreeably. It is popular belief today if you disagree with someone or with their position, you hate them. Nothing can be further from the truth, but it seems we’ve changed the meaning of the word “disagree.” I had some friends “unfriend” me because they disagreed with my thoughts and arguments. So bye bye.
  3. I’ve been told my Facebook posts are too negative. I report on reality, and sadly, most of the news today is not happy happy stuff, but negative. I’m a realist. Apparently some can’t deal with that. I’m also very open and transparent, I speak my mind, and some find that offensive. Expect me to share my mind here, open, transparent, sometimes harsh, but always honest.

So going forward I will be posting going articles, opinion, personal observations, and other news items I find newsworthy at this site. With any new post I create, I will send out a tweet on Twitter, which will automatically post to my Facebook page. But don’t expect me to personally interact on the FB page itself. I’m done with that. I will keep my account active to post these new blog articles and to maintain our ministry web page. But that’s the extent of my further interaction on FB.

And I will leave comments open to any post here if you want to comment. But note that all comments are moderated by me and must first be approved before they will be visible.

Happy surfing!!

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7 responses to “My Facebook Replacement”

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  1. Andy Radigan says:

    Keep fighting the Good fight!

  2. Renee Redding says:

    Just leave me a way to find your posts. I may not comment on all of them but you jeep me informed

  3. Renee Couron says:

    So your posts will pop up like this one did on Fb and I’ll be able to read a comment here? Just making sure I understand as iI am very non techie. Keep fighting the good fight Joe and Christine

  4. Renee Couron says:

    Is we have something to share withwith you… Say a news article for instance do we post it here

  5. michelle westbrook says:

    I enjoyed everything you wrote. I appreciate you and Christened and will continue to pray

  6. Joe says:

    Yes. If I post a new article here or on the ministry website, I will send out notification via Twitter. I have my Twitter account set to post automatically to FB as well so they will show up there. But I will not see any responses to the FB post.

    I chose to not close my FB account because I know a lot of what I post is of interest to many, so via Twitter I will still be able to post those stories of interest. I just won’t have to deal with drama and petty bickering that many have tried to engage me in on FB. Don’t have either the time or patience for that any longer.

  7. Joe says:

    You can post comments here if you see something you want to make me aware of. Or text message to my phone works well, or email.