Germany silencing criticism of Islam

The German government is now actively seeking out those who openly criticize Islam or speak out against the ideology and attempting to silence such critics. An article published on September 27, 2011 suggested this action may be forthcoming. It is now a reality.

Yesterday morning, a man I know in Germany who is an apostate from Islam and now openly warns others of the evil of Islam had his personal computer and hard drives seized by German authorities. Here is his story in his own words:

Dear friends,

On Thursday morning Oct. 27 2011 the German Federal Police knocked on my door to search my home for evidence about spreading hate threat and racism against Muslims.

They accused me of spreading diffamatory documents and articles about Islam and spreading hate threat against a religious minority.

They confiscated my PC and hard drives and questioned me for a couple of hours.

Because the language of my website is English they were very suspicious and didn’t want to believe there was no hate threat or racism on the site.

They had to organize a sworn English-German interpreter which took a lot of time. Because of this bullying I refused to speak German and only spoke English pretending this was more convenient to me.

They were trying to tell they had enough evidence that with my actions on Facebook and on my website I was insulting the Muslim community and insulting Islam as a religion, mind you, without any knowledge of Islam.

Since Islam is a “religon of peace”, complaints had been coming in from the Muslim Community in my home town.

Using my own website by just clicking on the right articles and help of my interpreter I tried to convince them of my integrity.

These were the links I used:

To convince them I’m not racist at all was very easy because of my background and my Jewish soul.

Being born in the far East form Indonesian parents, it was very easy to propound this. I don’t even look like an “Übermensch” or Aryan with blond hair and blue eyes.

Nevertheless the German Fed have filed an accusation for the earlier mentioned allegations.

I picked up my PC this morning and I thanked the Fed for copying my drives and installing spy ware on my PC.

Just have to wait now for my appearance in court. This will take a long time though.

A couple thoughts come to mind.

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something some time in your life.” – Winston Churchill

‎”No belief system or set of ideas, be they religious, scientific, philosophical, political or otherwise, should be protected from open honest criticism.” – Amil Imani, former Muslim

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