The Third Terrorist by Jayna Davis, Forward by David Shippers

On the morning of April 19, 1995, my tranquility and feelings of security were demolished in one horrific explosion. I, together with millions of other Americans, watched in torment, as what had once been the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, collapsed into a mass of smoking ruins. I listened intently to the reports of an obvious terrorist bombing in the United States. My eyes filled with tears as the images of dead children and bloody victims appeared on the television screen.

Along with many other citizens, my suspicions initially focused on a possible Middle Eastern connection. The bombing and murder of innocents was a classic operation of Arab terrorists, and the method conformed to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York and the attack on the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia. Those suspicions were later buttressed when it was learned that the FBI was looking for several Middle Eastern men-in particular, an individual known as “John Doe 2.” A sketch of that individual was distributed throughout the media and an all-points bulletin went out calling for his apprehension. Then, within a week, the entire objective of the investigation changed dramatically and without explanation. 

Shortly after the disaster, Timothy McVeigh was arrested by the FBI and charged with the crime. With that arrest and the subsequent apprehension of Terry Nichols, it seemed that all further leads dissipated. The investigation came to an abrupt end. They had their perpetrators, so there was no need to look further. The manhunt for John Doe 2 was abandoned, and the public was led to believe that the initial lead had failed to pan out. No longer was there any official suggestion that there may have been some Middle Eastern involvement. On the contrary, the Clinton administration adopted the party line that the bombing was planned and executed by two white male types. The president himself predictably attacked “two right-wing fanatics” and indicted conservative talk show hosts for their incendiary language calculated to incite the Timothy McVeighs of the nation to launch such attacks.

Once McVeigh and Nichols were in custody, the whole tenor of the bombing investigation did an about face. The government and the media dropped all references to possible state sponsorship and labeled anyone who thought otherwise as a “way-out conspiracy cuckoo.” All efforts were redirected to insure, at any cost, the conviction of the two men in custody. The glaring questions that remained unanswered were shoved under the table and ignored. We who were forced to rely upon the reports emanating from the compliant media were convinced that the crime had been solved completely and all the loose ends had been dealt with successfully. I, for one, had been completely misled, but I didn’t learn of it until almost six years later.

Everyone swallowed whole the false story put out by the government. That is, almost everyone. A young and beautiful investigative reporter at KFOR, an Oklahoma City television station, was not satisfied with the official account. Jayna Davis was on the scene within minutes of the bombing. She saw the devastation and lived the human suffering. She possessed those rare qualities in a television reporter: honor, integrity, and a willingness to work hard for the full story. Rather than waste her time attending insipid news conferences,  Jayna elected to conduct her own independent investigation. And what an investigation it was! Despite adversity, roadblocks, and being told outright lies, Jayna persevered and did, in fact, get to the truth of the Oklahoma City bombing. The startling result of that investigation is reported fully in this book.

Over the next five years, Jayna made every attempt to share the results of her efforts with law enforcement. But to no avail. Nobody wanted to be bothered with the truth because it might cause doubt about the official story. Disillusionment and frustration descended like a pall upon Jayna Davis and her husband, Drew. They began to lose their respect and reliance on the Rule of Law. Then they had an idea.

In early October 2000, I received a letter from Jayna Davis. In it she recounted, in general, the results of her six-year investigation, together with an account of the attacks and stonewalling she had encountered. She told of the careless indifference of the FBI and the supine acceptance of the party line by others to whom she had brought her evidence.

I frankly admit that because I did not know Jayna Davis, I was slightly dubious. Actually, my first reaction was that she was just another conspiracy nut coming out the woodwork. I noted, however, that the letter was extremely well written, articulate, and concise. More important, the letter identified just enough details to suggest that the author possessed much more information than she had revealed.

My interest was stimulated, so I placed a phone call to Ms. Davis. She sounded not only rational but extremely intelligent as well. During the ensuing conversation, she revealed additional facts and assured me that every allegation made was fully confirmed by filmed interviews, affidavits, and unimpeachable documents. When I asked Ms. Davis to send some of the confirming material to me, she responded that she would prefer to bring it to me personally.

On the morning of March 15, 2001, that vivacious lady entered my office in Chicago, accompanied by her husband, Drew. They were carrying three large loose-leaf binders stuffed with documents, which they placed in front of me. As I paged through the reports and affidavits, Jayna and Drew quietly narrated the events surrounding the bombing. After no more than fifteen minutes, I realized that I was sitting in the presence of a true patriot and a courageous young woman, who had accomplished an astounding feat of investigation.

Since then, Jayna Davis has tried over and over to bring her evidence and conclusions to the attention of those responsible for the safety and security of the nation. Time and time again, she has been rebuffed, ridiculed, and ignored. Finally, she has decided to place her findings before the country in the form of a book. She will be ignored no more!

This is a book that needed to be written; the American people deserve it. Jayna Davis writes with the clarity and precision of a seasoned investigative journalist. The facts are riveting, and her narration of the nine-year quest for justice and truth flows as would a novel. If ever there was a page-turner, this is it.

I predict that The Third Terrorist will drop like a missile on the federal bureaucracy. No doubt the response will be both immediate and vicious, as is the case whenever a citizen demonstrates the temerity to question the actions or the powers of officialdom. Ms. Davis will certainly suffer personal vilification and false accusations as she has in the past. Her motives and her veracity will be attacked by those who do it so well. I know that Jayna fully expects all that and has the intrepidity to endure it. Let it be known, though, that every attempt to denigrate Ms. Davis and her conclusions is doomed to failure. Why? For the simple reason that there is contained in this book not one fact, not one allegation, not one accusation, not one conclusion that is not supported and corroborated by evidence sufficient to constitute proof in a court of law.

If you are a citizen who is seriously concerned over your own security and that of the United States, it is critical that you read this book cover to cover. I can say with certainty that you will be astounded by the investigative ability of Jayna Davis; dismayed by the ineptitude, if not outright incompetence, of those charged with investigating the Oklahoma City disaster; and, above all, enraged by the inexplicable policy adopted by our government to cover up a state sponsored Middle Eastern terrorist act in the American heartland six years before 9-11.

It is my honest opinion that if the Department of justice and the federal investigative agencies had not ignored Jayna Davis and instead accepted the mass of creditable evidence compiled by her, indicating direct Middle Eastern involvement in the bombing, the course of future events may have been altered. Had those investigators taken their duty seriously and followed up on the investigation of that information, it is entirely likely that the Twin Towers would still be standing.

I count it as a singular honor to have been asked to contribute this foreword to what may well turn out to be perhaps the most vital expose of the young twenty-first century. My respect and admiration for Jayna Davis and what she has accomplished is unbounded. She is, without question, the finest and most thorough investigator that I have ever known, and I have known literally thousands. Her professional abilities and technical competence, though, pale in the light of her heroic courage. She endured the wrath of the FBI, the disdain of the Department of justice, and the snickers of her fellow journalists. Yet she did not waver but continued to pursue the truth. The culmination of that pursuit is this book.

It has been said prophetically that someday the American people will realize what Jayna Davis has been through for her country. Then will she be honored and then will her unselfish labors be finally recognized. Let that day come sooner rather than later. Una donna non conoscei mai simile a questa.

-DAVID P. SCHIPPERS Fmr. Chief Investigative Counsel of the House Judiciary Committee for the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton

From the forward of:

Jayna Davis. The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing (p. x). Kindle Edition.

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