National Geographic 911 Videos

For those who do not have cable or could not otherwise watch the video specials by National Geographic in commemoration of the ten year anniversary, I have recorded all episodes and am making them available to you. I have edited out the commercials and converted them to mp4 video format.

To watch these videos, you must have the latest version of Quicktime player or Windows Media Player.

I am serving these downloads from my desktop iMac using torrent files. To download, you must install a torrent client, like utorrent. Once you have a torrent client installed, open the following torrent files to download. NOTE: These are large files, in the range of 750MB to 1.5 GB, and will require a high speed internet connection to download. They have to be this large to produce a decent quality of video.

Here are the steps you need to successfully download a video:

1. Download and install a torrent client. Utorrent is one such program that works on both PC and Mac. You can download it here.

2. Click on the link below to download the torrent file for that video. Save the download to your desktop.

3. Launch your torrent program (such as utorrent). Once you have your torrent program running, click on File/Open and open the torrent file you downloaded below. The download should begin almost immediately.

Inside 911 – gives you the details you never heard before about the preparations made by the 19 young Muslim men to carry out the most devastating terrorist act to date on American soil.

Voices of 911 – Recorded voices of those trapped in the twin towers as well as first responders.

911 Zero Hour – Details of the moments leading up to and and after the impact of the twin towers.

911: Where Were You? – Interviews of ordinary people recounting their memory of that eventful day.

911: The War Continues – What has taken place since that eventful day, and where we are in the war on terror.

911: Science and Conspiracy – Debunks the¬†conspiracy¬†theory “truthers” mantra that 9/11 was carried out by the U.S. government against its own citizens.

The Bush Interview – Personal reflections by former president George Bush on his feelings and actions of that infamous day.


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