My Aircraft

I was so impressed by this analogy that I had to repost. From Ann Barnhardt (

My Aircraft

I was sent this YouTube by a reader and I had never seen it before. It is a 3-D recreation of US Airways Flight 1549 that Captain Sullenberger controlled-ditched into the Hudson River in New York City after striking a flock of birds which took out both of the jet’s engines on January 15, 2009. This YouTube has the 3-D recreation with the audio communications, and transcripts of the conversation inside the cockpit. WARNING: This is extremely moving and may cause your eyes to sweat or otherwise leak. If you don’t want to simultaneously stand and cheer, cry like a baby and kiss Capt. Sullenberger repeatedly while watching this you may not have a soul. The reason this is so incredibly moving is NOT because it is highly emotional. To the contrary. It is the massive strength manifested in “intense calm” that pierces the heart. Watch:


There is a lesson for every single one of us in this example. That lesson is summed up in Capt. Sullenberger’s words at the 3:52 mark on the video.

“My aircraft.”

Not, “Oh my goodness! What do we do? Oh no! Help!”

Not, “Damn those birds! It is all the birds’ fault! The birds have killed us!”

Not, “Oh, crap! Why me? Why does this have to happen to me?”

Not, “We’re not going to make it! We’re done!”

No. When something profoundly horrible happens, people of character, integrity and morality step up and say, “Give this to me. I want this. I will bear this burden.”

“My aircraft.”

Flight 1549 is a real-life parable. What happened to flight 1549 is what has happened and is happening to the United States as a whole. Our ship of state, in fine operational form, was in flight. We hit a flock of birds, which is the widespread Marxist and criminal infiltration of our government. It isn’t just one bird, or two birds. It is hundreds and hundreds of birds. Marxists and criminals don’t mix well with our Constitution. Our Constitution wasn’t designed to operate with evil, villainous men occupying the halls of power – just as jet engines are not designed to operate with 30 pound Canada Geese being pulled through the intake. This is no knock on jet engines. Jet engines are wonderful – so long as clean air with no sizable debris is the intake. It is the same with our Constitutional Republic. The structure and setup is brilliant, but only so long as the human intake is reasonably uncorrupted. Once criminals, moral degenerates, Marxists, cowards and imbeciles compose the vast majority of the intake, as they do now, the system will fail, and fail catastrophically.

And here we are. The birds have hit, both engines are out, we have lost all forward thrust and are now on a downward glidepath. Try as we might, those engines will not relight. The damage done by the birds is too great. But, we have 3000 feet of altitude to work with, and we have forward momentum. We also have an intact superstructure. The aircraft has not disintegrated. We’re still flying, and the United States of America has one hell of a glide ratio.

This is where we, the moral and sensible people of this nation, come in. This is the moment wherein We The People stand up and say with resolute strength and calm, “My aircraft.”

We will carry this burden. We will take responsibility, and we will pilot this ship of state to the best possible resolution, even if it becomes clear that the best we can do is a controlled-ditch into the Hudson. The superstructure is intact, thus allowing us to do that and save all souls aboard. Then we can reboot and get right back into the air in exactly the same design aircraft, with the same engineering, making certain that we will never, ever get taken out by birds again.

The only thing missing are the strong, skilled, brave moral captains of society to step forward and say, “My aircraft”, and then take us in.

Captain Sullenberger did not sit idle while the plane crashed, publicly deriding the first officer and the flight attendants for not “doing something”, while simultaneously ordering cocktails from the galley. Captain Sullenberger did not make droning, vapid announcements to the passengers, declaring that “we must work together, sharing the sacrifice to bring hope and change to our aircraft”, while stoking animosity between the passengers with checked baggage versus those with light carry-on luggage, blaming anyone with heavy luggage for the failure to land the aircraft, even though greater mass on an aircraft INCREASES the glide ratio, thus enhancing the odds of survival. Captain Sullenberger did none of those things because he was competent, intelligent, brave and honorable. Unlike some people.

Now truly is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. The birds have hit, the engines are out, and the cockpit is empty. We probably can’t make it to Teterboro, and we can’t let the aircraft go down in the city. But we are intact, and by the grace of God, we do have the Hudson.

“My aircraft.”

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