Reaction to new constitution in Mombasa

Mombasa is the city in Kenya where Islam is predominate, and where Islamic kadhis courts have been allowed to rule for over 100 years.

Note the reporter’s comments at the end: Most people voted for the new constitution because they wanted “change.” Now where have I heard that before?

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One response to “Reaction to new constitution in Mombasa”

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  1. Faraz says:

    BROTHERS,,, DEKHO IS PANDIT KA FROUD,,,,,,,,,,IS NE QURAN KI AYATON KO KIS TARAH TOD MAROD KAR PESH KIYA HAI?????????YEH AYAT US WAQT KI HAI,,,JAB MAKKA WALOG NE APAS KI SULAH KO TOD DIYA THA,,,,UN ME SULAH HUEE THI K JANG NAHI KAREN GE,,,,,FIR CHUP KAR HAMLA KIYA AUR MUSALMANO KO KATL KIYA,,,,US K BAD YE AYAT ALLAH NAZIL KARTA HAI,,,AAUR POORA CONTEX YE HAIN,,,AYAT NUMBER 8:56 TO 8:62 PADHO AAP KHUD HI JAN JAYEN GE ..***************************************************************************************************************************DEKHO YE AYAT HAI,,,56. They are those with whom you made a convanet, but they break their convanet every time and theydo not fear Allah.***********************57. So if you gain the mastery over them in war, punish them severely in order to disperse those who arebehind them, so that they may learn a lesson.***********************58. If you (O Muhammad SAW) fear treachery from any people throw back (their convanet) to them (soas to be) on equal terms (that there will be no more convanet between you and them). Certainly Allahlikes not the treacherous.******************************59. And let not those who disbelieve think that they can outstrip (escape from the punishment). Verily,they will never be able to save themselves (from Allahs Punishment).*********************************60. And make ready against them all you can of power, including steeds of war (tanks, planes, missiles,artillery, etc.) to threaten the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides whom, you may notknow but whom Allah does know. And whatever you shall spend in the Cause of Allah shall be repaidunto you, and you shall not be treated unjustly.***********************************61. But if they incline to peace, you also incline to it, and (put your) trust in Allah. Verily, He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.*********************************62. And if they intend to deceive you, then verily, Allah is All-Sufficient for you. He it is Who hassupported you with His Help and with the believers.******************************************************************************************************************************************BHAI AB AAP LOG KHUD FAISLA KI JIYE K ALLAH NE KYA GALAT KAHA AGAR AAP HI K SATH KOI SANDHI TOD DE AUR FIR JUNG HONE WALI HO TO KYA AAP KAHEN GE K 9JUNG ME JAO,,WARNA WO LOG SONCHE GE K TUM DAR GAYE,,,,,,,PAR KISI KO MARNA MAT WO TUMHE MAREN TO MAR JANA,,) NAHI AISA NAHI,,,,AAP BHI KAHEN GE KI JAO AUR UN SE LADO,,,AB CHAHE AAP UNHE JANTE HON K YE MERA DOST HAIN YA DUSHMAN,,(KYUN K JIN SE JUNG HO RAHI THI WO BHI MAKKA WALE HI THE,,,JO HIJRAT KAR KE MADEENA AYE THE,,) IS LIYE ALLAH KAHTA HAI K CHAHE AAP UNHE JANTE HON YA NAHI,,AGAR WO LADNE AYE HAIN TO UN SE LADO,,AUR AISA KAUN SA GENERAL HAI JO KAHE GA,,K MAIDAN ME JAO PAR LADO MAT,,,UNHE MAT MARO WO AAP KO MARTE HAIN TO MARNE DO ************EK CHEEZ AUR K MUSALMAN HAR KAM ALLAH K HUKM SE HI KARTE HAIN,,IS LIYE JAB YE AYAT UTRI TABHI MUSALMAN LADNE K LIYE GAYE,,,WARNA SANDHI KO TODE HUEE KAFI TIME HO CHUKA THA,,FIR BHI MUSALMAN NAHI LADE KYUN K ALLAH KA HUKM NAHI AYA THA .AUR JAB HUKM AYA TABHI BHI DEKHO LIKHA HUA HAI,,K AGAR WO SHANTI CHAHEN TO UNHE HARGIZ NA MARO UNHE LE JA K CHHOD DO IN THE PLACE OF SECURITY BESHAK ALLAH BADA HI INSAF KARNE WALAL HAI .MAY ALLAH PROTECT US,,AND GUIDE US