Investigative Report on the Cordoba Mosque

The Northeast Intelligence Network recently released an extensive investigative report on the behind-the-scenes events surrounding the Cordoba House Islamic Center, otherwise known as the Ground Zero Mosque, just a few hundred feet from where 19 Islamic jihadi warriors brought down the World Trade Center towers.

In this must-read report you will gain insight and learn of  the plans behind this mosque that will likely not be reported in the mainstream media of CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, or quite probably even FOX. After all, Fox News Network is owned, in part, by the Saudi Royal family.

Be sure to read all the linked articles in the report for additional details.

To whet your appetite, here is the introductory text of the report. Link to the full article to follow.

Investigative Report: Exposing the Cordoba Islamic Center of Manhattan

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director


For the last several months, I have been covertly investigating the people, power and money behind the proposed “9/11 mega mosque” planned for the old Burlington Coat Factory situated just two blocks from “Ground Zero” in lower Manhattan. In order to provide the most comprehensive and fact-based insight into this issue as possible, I deliberately postponed publishing any reports until my investigation, consisting of direct and indirect inquiries, procurement of records, and the use of operational assets to develop information was complete.

While any person of reasonable sensibilities and a working moral compass could legitimately find the construction of an Islamic center in such close proximity to the graveyard of thousands of innocent Americans of 9/11 objectionable, there are many proponents who argue that its construction will serve as an example of American understanding, tolerance, compassion and respect for a religion that has been maligned by the actions of a minority. The legitimacy of the argument on behalf of its placement should become moot by simply citing two basic but important concepts: historical precedent and the understanding that Islam is more than a religion. If those points fail to convince an ostensibly objective audience as they have to-date, then the results of my investigation should cause anyone with the least bit of intellectual honesty to strongly object to any Islamic structure being built at the intended location.

With regard to historical precedent, the Dome of the Rock could serve as “Exhibit A” and the conversion of the former Byzantine basilica Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey as “Exhibit B” in the symbolism of Islamic conquest. In both instances, the mosques are perceived in the world of Islam as iconic symbols of victory over a beaten, subservient populace. Their importance in Islamic history and current significance relative to the stated objectives of Islam to dominate rather than coexist cannot be overstated, but is unfortunately overlooked or characterized as irrational hyperbole. Such oversight has always had longstanding adverse consequences to nations and their people who have failed to learn from history.

Based on a plethora of historical examples that include the foregoing, it should be clear that the building of a mosque or a mosque within an Islamic center so near the epicenter of the 9/11 attacks will be perceived as a symbol of Islamic conquest in the Muslim world, despite the perpetual denials by so-called moderate Muslims and regardless of modern sensibilities of “well reasoned” Western thought.  Much like the Christians in the Ottoman Empire at the time of the conversion of the basilica to a mosque, the building of this mosque will most assuredly be perceived and promoted as a very special humiliation of the West.  And as in the cases cited, this will only become clear after it is too late.

Furthermore, one must understand that Islam is not merely a religion, but a combination of theological, political, and cultural imperatives that includes the ultimate objective of imposing Islam and Sharia law worldwide, subjugating all else to Islam. It is critical to understand that a mosque built so near the epicenter of the carnage at the World Trade Center site does not hold the same significance to Americans – under our Western ideology and reason – that it does to adherents of Islam and the Islamic world. Without this full understanding of Islamic doctrine and the significance of Islamic conquests throughout history, proponents of the construction are historically, socially and politically ill informed, or deleteriously misguided.  Opponents to the construction of a mosque are often mischaracterized as irrational Islamophobes and xenophobes, even by respected Westerners.

Although the issues identified above should alone be sufficient to cause concern if not alarm, the facts behind the planned “9/11 mega-mosque” only get worse for America and the West. The structure that is being planned for New York is more than the product of Islamic ambition. It will be the conduit for an interfaith center that is intended to unite people under one religious umbrella, using the visible and highly compatible Islamic component as a means to an end.

It would be easy to dismiss the foregoing premise as being too far-fetched until one examines all of the evidence, not just that which is readily accessible. Nonetheless, even the most accessible and obvious information is bad. When the layers of deception are pulled back through bona fide investigation of the individuals and groups involved in this project, the information goes from bad to worse and from rationally objectionable to the unthinkable.

Continue reading the rest of the story here.

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  1. Mustafa says:

    Muslims did not orchestrate 9-11 emsiexrtts did this.Saying that all Muslims are responsible for the deaths on 9-11 is like saying that all Christians are responsible for Timothy McVeigh (which my sister narrowly missed perishing in that attack).This is also the anniversary of the day Scott Roeder killed Dr. George Tiller, should we hold all Christians responsible for that heinous crime?This nation was founded on religious freedoms and the Muslim religion has existed long before Osama Bin Laden, and will continue long after his death. We cannot let emsiexrtts let us loose site of our values, and when I use the word extremist, I’m including those xenophobes who would stop the building of this place of worship because their emotions have blinded them to rational thought.