Missionaries Expelled from Morocco

I personally have friends serving in Morocco who have been there a number of years. Although Islam is the official government religion, the King of Morocco has taken great strides over the years to allow all religions freedom to worship in the Muslim nation. That all seems to be changing now with the appointment of a new Minister of Justice, Mohamed Naciri. A recent crackdown on Christians in the nation is likely the first step in removing all presence of Christianity from Morocco.

Muslim apologists here in the U.S. wax eloquently over the tolerance of Islam. Yet we see again, as we have seen so many times in the past, that the tolerance they espouse with their mouth does not play out in reality.

Islamic authorities expelling Christians

Orphanage workers, others caught up by crackdown by ‘moderate’ nation

Several dozen Christian orphanage workers, business leaders, teachers and others who work with charitable organizations to help the poor in Morocco have been rounded up by government agents and deported, according to a series of reports to WND.

A Christian aid worker who contacted WND said many of the people being removed by authorities in the northwestern African Islamic nation are being told without explanation that their visas have been revoked.

“Two or three are clergy to expatriate communities, some are businessmen, teachers, professors and some are part of charitable organizations to help the poor and/or the handicapped,” said the aid worker, who asked to be identified only as Brother D.

He reported he’s been in Morocco for five years, and a family with whom he works has been in the nation for 10 years.

“We work as extensions of our local churches back in the states and are not part of a missionary group or board,” he said.

Christian work has been ongoing in Morocco for nearly 100 years, a nation under Islamic influences for more than 1,000 years.

According to a report from Mission Network News, the deportation move apparently has been building for several weeks.

In the report, Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs said Morocco’s new minister of justice, Mohamed Naciri, is believed to be responsible for the crackdown.

“It’s unclear if simply this new minister of justice is a more devout or more radical Muslim and wants to come against the apostasy movement, encouraging Muslims to leave Islam and follow Jesus Christ and we just don’t know that much about the why right now,” he told MNN.

A separate report fromĀ an organization called Village of Hope confirmed that all 20 foreigners who have been working to provide for otherwise abandoned children there have been ordered to leave Morocco.

Read the full story here.

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  1. Cullen says:

    I guess at first glance the oouibvs choice to anyone who cared about the state of the world would be number 2 except that the effects of idolatry on behaviour always end up destroying people. It’s not just that other religions Get the God question wrong on a theology exam, it’s that their objects of greatest devotion dehumanize them and others (cf. Romans 1). In the end, I think a world with a backslidden church has better long term prospects (e.g. the possibility of waking up and fulfilling their duty) than a world with nice pagans (e.g. falling deeper into their sin as God eventually judges them for their idolatry).