Homegrown Terror

2009-12-05tnIn an article in the December 5, 2009 issue of World Magazine, author Lynn Vincent hits the nail on the head: U.S. analysts, constrained by politics, are loath to conclude and publicize what the facts already show: that jihadist Muslims who state that they kill non-Muslims because their religious ideology demands it are in fact doing so. They have successfully infiltrated the United States from foreign countries, have won and radicalized Muslim converts among U.S. citizens, and—if the uptick in busted plots is any indication—are planning violence at an increasing rate.”

The article mentions five separate “lone wolf” incidents of Islamist-style jihadist attacks that were discovered this year and halted in time, before anyone actually lost their lives. Then, almost as if it was an oversight, one slipped through the cracks: Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire at Fort Hood, Texas, in what some are calling the worst case since 9-11 of domestic terrorism. But our government and military leaders are not so quick to draw such a conclusion.

It is only through continuing willful ignorance that we will see more and more of these acts perpetrated on our soil. Until our leaders recognize these events for what they are, they will be unable to form a strategy to counter them.

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