Iran already enriching uranium to 20%

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) is reporting that statements made recently by Prez Obama are misleading at best, and outright deception at worst.

On November 9, 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama told Reuters in an interview that an unsettled political situation in Iran may be complicating efforts to seal a nuclear fuel deal between Tehran and major world powers. This implies that a deal was reached with Iran during the nuclear talks in Vienna, but that Iran is having a hard time ratifying that deal due to criticism of it at home.

This depiction of the October 18-19, 2009 Vienna talks, and the explanation that the unstable political situation in Iran is making it difficult for the Iranian regime to announce that it agrees to the deal, are misleading. Iranian public statements since the end of the talks to date attest that:

1) No deal was ever reached during the Vienna talks….

2) Iran’s regime is currently stable…

Also noteworthy in the article are the following statements. I suggest reading the entire article for an analysis you will not get from the White House.

The West continues to extend the deadline for Iran to weigh its proposal but the Iranian position is unchanging.

Iran regards itself as a superpower which is entitled to nuclear energy for civilian purposes, and stresses that it is unwilling to debate this status or its nuclear program with anyone…

The West has tried, and is still trying, to set conditions for Iran’s request by insisting that it send 75% of its nuclear fuel, or approximately 1,200 kg, outside the country for enrichment; however, this enrichment will neutralize it so that it can no longer be used for military purposes. Iran rejected this condition…

The enrichment by the West will turn the uranium into fuel rods, which will prevent it from being used for military purposes. This, apparently, is why Iran is unwilling to transfer most of its enriched uranium reserves to a third country, preferring to keep it in its possession.

Is there any room left for doubt as to Iran’s intention to acquire nuclear fuel?

Why has Obama been less than truthful about discussions which occurred in Vienna? What, if any, recourse does he have to apply additional pressure on Iran to come clean on their intentions regarding nuclear capability? Why am I asking so many rhetorical questions?

The truth is that we have no leverage and have never had leverage. Iran is a rogue nation with a rogue President who has made no secret of his desire to wipe Israel off the face of the map. There is no amount of bargaining that will work with such people or nations: see my earlier post on taqiyya and kitman.

It’s time to take care of business with Iran, and forget diplomacy. If we won’t, Israel will. Either way, be prepared for the consequences: prepare your family, secure a supply of food and water, purchase a mode of transportation that does not require oil, and get ready to hunker down for some rough times.

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