Muslim Mafia at Risk

Muslim Mafia

Muslim Mafia

If you have not yet purchased this book, you should do so. A six month undercover operation that penetrated deep into the heart of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) discovered that this organization, which bills itself as a civil rights group for all Muslims, is anything but. The thousands of documents smuggled out of CAIR show it to be another front group for the Muslim Brotherhood and a money funnel for radical Islamist groups worldwide.

Since the release of the book, Congresswoman Sue Myrick, who wrote the forward for the book, has issued an official call for a full congressional investigation of CAIR. But the rest of congress does not seem to be listening. So Brigitte Gabries of ACT for America has started a petition drive to collect enough signatures to get the attention of congress and kick start the investigation.

Meanwhile, a judge has ordered the return of the documents obtained from CAIR offices. If CAIR successfully sues to suppress the evidence against them, this book could become forbidden and removed from store shelves. It would not be the first time a Muslim group has applied pressure to have certain books censored. Try looking for a book called Alms for Jihad, published by Cambridge University Press. You won’t find it. Cambridge pulled it for essentially the same reason, fearing backlash against them from radical Muslims.

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