Obama and Afghanistan

031408_afghanistan_800smThis past weekend Mr. Obama (I refuse to address him with the ‘P’ word since I believe he is illegitimate) made a very startling announcement. You probably missed it in the news.

Startling? Absolutely. Here is the gist of what he said.

We cannot send more troops into Afghanistan because we have no idea how to pay for them? (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/11/15/military-spending-weighs-obamas-afghan-decision/)

Did you get that?

For months, General Stanley McChrystal has been begging, even pleading, with the administration to send more troops into Afghanistan, because without them the current level of stability is untenable for the long term. Yet Obama’s concern is not with the situation in Afghanistan, or the morale of the troops which seems to be on the decline because of a lack of support back home (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/11/13/morale-troops-afghanistan-army-says/), but with how the US can continue funding the troop delpoyment.

I wish he was equally concerned how to repay the TARP (bailout) funds he so eagerly passed earlier this year. An herein is the irony. Further troop deployment is estimated to cost about 40 billion dollars a year to sustain the troop, and Obama is concerned where the money will come from. Yet he chose this year to throw 787 billion dollars away with no concern at all how it was going to be repaid.

What is wrong with this picture? Is Obama really concerned about the federal budget? If he is, his concern over funding troops is justified. But his actions to date indicate he has no concern at all over the budget.

I believe Obama does not want us in Afghanistan and is looking for a way out by citing the ongoing expense involved with maintaining troops in Afghanistan. Now, this is going to irritate some of my conservative friends, but I also agree with Obama on this issue. I think it is long past time to pull our troops out of the country. I don’t think we should ever have gone there, because there was no clear goal or objective to achieve. We cannot go to war if we have no way to measure what it means to ‘win the war’ and to do so requires defining the objective, so we can know when the objective has been achieved.

But Obama will never sell his objections to the American people if he bases them on financial concerns. We are not as blind and ignorant as he believes us to be. He has no concerns about financial obligations.

Mr. O, stop the lying and just be honest with us for once.

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