Ft. Hood and PC

TEXAS-SHOOTING/Last evening I got into a bit of a discussion on Facebook with someone who had a mutual friend with me. He was decrying all the ‘right-wingers’ who were attempting to label the shooting at Ft. Hood as an act of jihad perpetrated by a lone gunman. His position was that it was not jihad at all; it was just the random act of a madman with a gun, and none of this would have happened if guns were outlawed. And his position is not alone. I have heard this and a number of other theories put forth as to what drove Maj. Nadal Malik Hasan to do what he did. To me, they all seem to miss the obvious, and likely out of political correctness, or out of fear of being labeled a bigot or an Islamophobe (whatever that is).

Let’s look at the facts as we know them to be at this point in time:

  • Hasan had attempted to contact al-Qaeda operatives
  • Hasan posted anti-American slogans on a blog
  • Hasan spoke openly against the war in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Hasan told fellow soldiers Muslims should not be fighting against other Muslims
  • Hasan was disciplined for proselytizing patients in Islam
  • At a meeting with senior Army staff more than a year ago, Hasan warned of “adverse events” if the military did not allow Muslims to opt out of assignment to Muslim nations as conscientious objectors.
  • The morning of the shooting, Hasan sold and gave away all his personal possessions, in addition to passing out copies of the Qur’an
  • According to eyewitnesses he shouted the words “Allahu Akhbar” just before opening fire

I am confident the ongoing investigation will reveal even more facts and details. But what is clear so far is that this was not a simple random act of violence perpetrated by a madman with a gun. This was clearly an act of jihad, albeit by one lone man, attempting to right the wrongs that have been committed against ‘Muslim brothers’ by the United States armed forces. Hasan clearly intended to die the day of the shooting. It appears he was unsuccessful.

How much longer must we endure the politically correct atmosphere in our government and our major media outlets? How many more acts of mass violence against Americans by radical Muslims must we endure before we recognize the enemy and call it by name: Radical Islam?

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One response to “Ft. Hood and PC”

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  1. Yirda says:

    Now, that’s a real guy fighting the very real mncaee of islam. Keeping and practising the religion and yet pretending to be on our side like so many “moderate” muslims we know about and who make their rounds on TV shows, don’t fool anybody but the gullible amongst us.